The 2018/2019 Stewardship Series Was Called, "First Fruits"

You can listen to the sermons from this series below. If you would like a PDF copy of the stewardship pamphlet that was shared with our congregation as part of this series, please click here to download the stewardship pamphlet.

FIRST FRUITS November, 2018 Sermon Series

This three-week stewardship series explored two key questions: Is God really that generous? And, does He call us to be that generous? Financial stewardship touches every part of our life with God, it is not just an aside as we often treat it. That is why this series looked at some of the more classic passages in Scripture that deal with the Christian life. Passages like the Great Commission, the Greatest Commandment, and the heart of the principal of first fruits giving which is found in Deuteronomy 26.

Everyone is in a different place in how they manage their finances. If you are searching for a few helpful resources on how to manage your finances that are based upon the principles in Scripture we encourage you to consider Crown Financial Ministries.

Suggested Financial Resources