Temporary COVID-19 Safety and Health Guidelines

Dear Christ Presbyterian Church family and guests, 


On August 23, 2021 the Session met and voted to implement two “temporary safety and health guideline mandates” on church campus. These guidelines are effective, September 5, 2021

(1) Following the CDC and Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) recommendations, face masks will be required for all who attend Sunday worship, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, and must remain on for all participants beside those leading in worship. Seats will be social distanced 3 feet apart, self-health check reminders will be posted, and touchless sanitization stations will be available.  Singing and corporate recitation are welcome during Sunday worship service as long as everyone keeps face masks on. 


NOTE: The face mask “requirement” only applies to the large, prolonged indoor Sunday worship service. Face masks will be “encouraged, not required” in smaller gatherings on church campus during the week and in the church office.  


(2) In accordance with the safety and health guidance from the CDC, AZDHS, American Academy of Pediatrics, FDA, and Mayo Clinic all adults, children, and youth in K-12 ministries will be required to wear face masks indoors. Children 5 and under are not required to wear face masks. For all outdoor children and youth events face masks will only be “encouraged, not required,” which includes the upcoming Fall Trunk or Treat outdoor event. 


NOTE: If anyone, adult or child, has a medical exemption they are not required to wear a face mask. Please share the medical exemption with the relevant church staff member.


Session has created a new “CPC COVID-19 Task Team” that will review guidance from national and state health agencies and monitor changes in Arizona. Session will review this “temporary” policy on September 27 and October 25 and receive recommendations from the “CPC COVID-19 Task Team.” 


Please join us as in prayer for God to heal those who are presently struggling against COVID-19. Pray that God would comfort those who have lost loved ones. Pray that God would continue to offer wisdom to our national and state health agencies. Pray that God would strengthen and encourage the hearts of our first responders who continue to care for each of our families. 


Christ Presbyterian Church, Goodyear, AZ

August 24, 2021


(National and state health agencies websites used above include the CDC (https://www.cdc.gov); the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS, https://www.azdhs.gov): the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP, https://www.aap.org); the FDA (https://www.fda.gov); and the Mayo Clinic (https://www.mayoclinic.org).)

"Face masks are encouraged, not required"

These health and safety policy signs are posted throughout church campus. 

"Please continue to follow the self-health checklist"

These health and safety policy signs are posted throughout church campus.