Update on Campus Safety Policy following Executive Order 2021-06

Dear Christ Presbyterian Church family and guests, 


On Monday night, April 26, 2021,  the Session met and voted upon changes to the church’s COVID-19 safety policies. Those changes were brought to them by the Reopening Church Campus Task Team, based upon positive vaccination trends in Maricopa County and within the church body itself. Below are the changes that you and your family should be aware of. 

Beginning April 26, 2021, wearing face masks will be "encouraged, not required" in the church office spaces, as well as the rest of the church campus during weekly ministry use. 


Beginning Sunday, May 2, 2021 wearing face masks in both worship spaces will be "encouraged, not required." Social distanced seating, touchless cleaning stations, and self-check health guidelines will remain in place. (The new public health-related signs that are posted around campus are shared in this post as well).


In addition, beginning Sunday, May 2, 2021 wearing face masks for children and youth ministries will be "encouraged, not required" for children and youth participating. Volunteers and Staff working with children will continue to practice wearing face masks.  


For individuals who plan to continue to wear facemasks on church campus, the Session anticipates many will continue in that practice, please consider using a "two-way barrier" face mask to mitigate health risks for yourself if you have not been vaccinated. Remember, normal clothe face masks only provide a one-way barrier, they protect your neighbor, but do not offer you protection.  


The Session of Christ Presbyterian Church

"Face masks are encouraged, not required"

These health and safety policy signs are posted throughout church campus. 

"Please continue to follow the self-health checklist"

These health and safety policy signs are posted throughout church campus.